This is just the thing for when you have a minute in the evening but no time in the morning rush.  You can even make it in a glass jar with lid and take it with you to work.  I adapted the recipe from one by Derval O’Rourke to have more protein and a lot less starchy carb.  So it will keep you going longer and is not a weight-gainer breakfast.   If you like this but find it too cool on an autumn morning, you could warm it very gently for a minute or two in a small pan before eating.

For 1:

35g gluten-free oatflakes, about 2/5 of a mug (or normal porridge oats if you eat gluten)
1 heaped tbs (tablespoon) walnuts, roughly broken up, chopped or left whole
1 heaped tbs chia seeds
1 cup frozen raspberries (or use fresh but don’t add until the morning)
10 drops pure stevia (from health stores) – optional
250 ml milk: unsweetened almond milk, thin coconut milk  with no additives (or if you prefer goat’s or cow’s milk you can use that but do  refrigerate overnight).

1. Put all the ingredients in a large bowl.  Mix and cover with a plate or cling film.
2. Allow to stand overnight.  If you used cow/goat milk store in the fridge.
3. The next morning, add another splash of milk if you fancy and enjoy.

Why this is good for you:
All grains, even oats, contain phytates.  Phytates lock onto nutrient minerals like zinc, forming large molecules that can’t be absorbed into your body.  Wheat contains some of the highest levels of phytates.  Oats contain fewer but soaking any grain overnight dramatically reduces phytate levels.  Raw berries are a powerhouse of polyphenols which help keep your body strong, healthy and young-looking.  They even help toughen up a sensitive tummy or help clear your skin.  Try to get organic berries if you can.  Walnuts and chia seeds provide you with protein to keep you full and when they are soaked their nutrients become more available for your body to absorb.   They also contain omega 3 fats and minerals to benefit your body.  Unfortunately oats are steamed to make them into oatflakes so this doesn’t qualify as a totally raw breakfast but it’s still great for you.