“Sugar-free” products usually contain zero-calorie sweeteners aspartame, sucralose saccharin.  You might think “what’s not to like?”  One of the problems with sucralose and saccharin is that they stop you from digesting properly.  They impair protein-digesting enzymes called proteases.  This is a problem because when you can’t digest a protein, it becomes food for disease-causing bacteria in your bowel.  Protein-rich foods include milk products, eggs, meat, fish, and beans.  The now-overgrown disease-causing bacteria trigger inflammation resulting in damage to your gut lining.  You cannot have IBD, IBS, or any autoimmune condition unless your gut lining is damaged.

Sucralose and saccharin also reduce friendly gut bacteria by 50%.  Friendly gut bacteria are critical for bulletproof immunity, keeping inflammation under control, and restoring your bowel to perfect health.  In fact, if you get your digestive and bowel health in order the rest of your health will follow.

Sucralose, saccharin impair digestive proteases.2008: Splenda increased GIT pH & reduced probiotics by 50% (J Toxicol & Env Health)   https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27416049/

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