Zinc is a critical nutrient for digestion and healing your gut.   Zinc is responsible for over 300 processes in your body and affects everything – taste, smell, mood, healing, repair, digestion, immunity.  Your body needs zinc in order to make digestive juices in your stomach to break down protein and help prevent ALL digestive disorders.  Your gut needs zinc to do its normal minute-by-minute repairs your whole life long.  Zinc is crucial.

When you eat grains, especially wheat (bread, pasta, cereals) at meals, substances called phytates lock onto zinc.  The phytates and zinc form a large molecule that your body can’t absorb or use.  Soaking your porridge overnight or switching to sourdough bread are great ways to REDUCE the phytate content of grains.  Minimising eating wheat pasta at dinner and instead of increasing the vegetables is another great tweak.

Zinc deficiency is linked to gastritis, acid reflux, psoriasis, Crohn’s, colitis, and many more health issues.

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