Toxic or “heavy” metals include mercury, lead, arsenic, and a few more. Many studies link high levels of heavy metals with autoimmune diseases, especially autoimmune thyroid conditions. 90% of people with hypothyroidism have autoimmune hypothyroidism.  Standard medical tests miss this or get a false negative.

One study even found that women with high mercury exposure were more than twice as likely to have the antibodies found in Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease. And unfortunately, these chemicals are a lot more common in our environment than most people realise.  Mercury can be found in many things dental fillings and fish to vaccines to cosmetics.  It can also be in the air as emission from coal-burning plants.

Lead can be found in old paints as well as old water pipes and cheap imported consumer goods. If you cycle on the roads a lot, you might be inhaling lead particles from road paint!  The US FDA found traces of lead in over 400 lipsticks in 2012!

Arsenic accumulates in rice if the soil contains arsenic.  It can also be in the water.

If you are short of nutrients because of digestive issues or a non-great diet of toxic metals your body will take up heavy metals more readily.  This produces more toxic effects.

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