Did you know that chronic stress breaks down the lining of your gut?  We’re all designed to withstand short-term stress.  A near-miss on the motorway, a challenging meeting, running late.  Stress hormones rapidly rise but should normalize quickly after the incident.  When your stress hormones are consistently too high that’s when problems start. Your body diverts its energy away from healing, repair, digestion, and immunity.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your in-laws winding you up, a never-ending-seeming to-do list, or a real physical emergency.  Your body doesn’t distinguish.  Non-emergency functions take a back seat.

I know this from personal experience.  In 2004 my lovely father had a catastrophic stroke. I was distressed for a very long time.  Watching both him and my mother suffer horribly wrenched my heart every day.  After 3 months I got a viral infection and spent 8 years ill.  I was weakened by my lifestyle and way of thinking before the virus came along.  If I were strong, I would have bounced back.

Knowing these 3 things could change your life:

Your food choices affect your stress levels
Certain products rob nutrients needed for resilience
Despite what’s going on in your life you can become more resilient to stress

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