Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity is on the rise.  This is where your immune system over-reacts to a class of proteins collectively called gluten and causes symptoms anywhere in your body.

But is implementing a gluten-free diet really the best thing?  Yes and No.  If you replace your previously brown bread with a gluten-free sliced pan you may feel better for a little while.  But what happens next?

  1.  You’ve now lost an important source of fibre.  Fibre that fed bacteria critical for digestive health as well as the health of your immune system, your brain, your skin, and more.
  2.  You’re now eating more chemical emulsifiers like carboxymethylcellulose added to free-from foods to improve texture.  These emulsifiers cause damage to your gut.  This damage affects every system in your body.
  3.  You are now eating more ultra-processed grains and sugars like cornflour, dextrose, and modified starches.  These feed pro-inflammatory and disease-causing bacteria in your gut.
  4.  Over time you may develop new, additional food sensitivities because the underlying causes of your initial sensitivity have not been resolved.

Sometimes the underlying causes of food sensitivity are very simple.  With the right knowledge, you can learn to support your body’s journey back to magnificent health.

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