Colitis and Crohn’s and other autoimmune conditions often run in families, right?  You might be condemned to suffer these if you have a family history, right?  WRONG!!

We, humans, have around 23,000 genes.  Genes are essentially units of information and are made of DNA.   We have 2 copies of each gene, one inherited from each parent.  Genes instruct your body to make proteins.  Proteins tell your body to do everything that ever happens in your body.

Out of all your genes, on average around 1000 are abnormal.  Some of these abnormalities give you an advantage.  You might be less predisposed to joint injury.  Or be able to tolerate higher amounts of carbohydrates in your diet without becoming overweight or diabetic.  Or a genetic abnormality might put you at a disadvantage.  You might need more vitamin D than the next guy to avoid bowel disease, digestive disorders or psoriasis.

While there are genes that you can’t modify – like those for eye colour – the genes that govern health and disease can be modified.  Gene behaviour is altered by its environment.  You internal environment is governed by the food you eat, when you eat it, whether you exercise, the thoughts you think and subconscious factors that CAN be reprogrammed.  That means you can support your genes to move you towards better health. Whether a gene “switches on” or stays inactive is governed by how you choose to eat, breathe, think and behave.  For me, knowing I had an abnormal vitamin D receptor gene meant power to reverse (without meds) the osteoporosis diagnosis I got at age 47.  You have more power than you know.

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