If you do any of these it’s a sign your stomach is not able to digest.  Your doctor may guess you have too much acid.  Is this really the case? Surprisingly, it’s very rare for too much acid to be produced in the stomach.  Acid is needed to break down protein you eat into smaller fragments in your stomach.  That way, enzymes further down (in your small intestine) can complete digestion.  A study published in the prestigious Journal of Gastroenterology shows that inadequate stomach acidity is inversely correlated with acid reflux.  What that means in plain English is that the lower the acid in your stomach the worse your symptoms of heartburn.  A common issue for people with acid reflux is that the little valve that stops stomach contents from coming back up is weakened.  Healing from acid reflux is about you helping strengthen this valve, supporting the healing of your inflamed membranes, and getting your digestion working better.

Read the study here.

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