As a young child I was never really well.  Every afternoon I felt sick and every morning tired.  Nosebleeds, lack of appetite, frequent infections, hay fever and incessant trips to the GP.  I thought all that was normal.

Then my mother got hold of a book on what was then known as “health food” – that means a diet rich in natural wholefoods, fruit and vegetables and low in refined foods.  My mother encouraged the whole family to eat better.  I complained for about 6 months but despite this my mum persisted and my health started to improve.  Since then I’ve had a passion for food and how it affects your health.  There were no courses in nutritional therapy back then.   Dietetics (managing disease) didn’t seem to fit the bill.  What I wanted to help people become well by changing their food choices.

After my primary degree (Joint BA Hons in History of Art and English Literature) I pursued a career in fine art and antiques in London and Dublin. In the early 2000’s, on the recommendation of my wonderful, nutritionally-trained GP, I found the course I had been looking for 20 years before.

I graduated in 2007 from the 3-year Nutritional Therapists Diploma Course from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, Richmond, London. This course also provided me with a Foundation Degree in Nutritional Therapy from Bedfordshire University.

I am a member of, the regulatory body for qualified nutritional therapists. As a Nutritional Therapists in Ireland.  I’ve been practising ever since 2006, first in student clinic, then in private practice in South Dublin.


Achieve your goals through tailored nutrition & lifestyle

I give you the knowledge to help you on your health journey.  Knowledge is power but structure and support are just as important.  You get all three.