People I’ve worked with tend to talk a lot about their changes. Read some of what they say…

“From my experience as a patient consulting Anna I found her to be very very knowledgeable and professional, understanding, helpful, efficient and practical.  Altogether a wonderful nutritional therapist.”

Aideen, Dublin 18.

“Anna is your ultimate health ally!  She’s with you through thick and thin, all the way to your recovery. Anna is so passionate about what she does, it’s contagious. I had a thyroid issue and was fatigued which thankfully is history now. I am so appreciative of Anna’s skills – she is wonderful, a life saver!”

Maurita M, illustrator.

“I can’t believe how much energy I have and my bowels are dramatically improved.  I had chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS before I started with Anna.”

Melissa, Tipperary

“Anna thanks so much for all of your help. There’s no way in a million years I would be bursting with energy and out for a walk at this time of the morning 3 weeks ago. Completely changed my life so far. Thank you.”

Conor (33), Dublin.

“At the beginning of January 2018 I had a colitis flare up. I had my first flare up 4 years earlier and took medication for it. This time I did not want to take drugs or be dependent on them. I wanted a more natural approach so I could somewhat take control of my ailment. So I decided to search for a nutritionist, somebody who specialised in digestive issues. I came across Anna Collins website which struck me as very informative and professional. I made an appointment and had my first consultation. From my first visit I knew I had found somebody who could guide me. Anna listened to my history and then drew up lifestyle, diet and supplement plan for me to follow.  Within weeks I had taken control of my flare up and was feeling energised, focused, and less stressed.  Over the following weeks Anna would guide me as necessary and was very generous with her time.  Her knowledge of digestive issues is prolific.  Anna gave me the tools to take control of problems I might have in the future and for that I am forever grateful. If you are of the same mindset as myself and want the tools and knowledge to be the healthiest version of you, then I can’t recommend Anna highly enough.  She is the utmost professional.”

Tony, Dublin 16

“I suffered for 20 years with chronic IBS and impaction for the last 3 years.  I visited Anna five times over 5 months and by the 5th visit it was totally resolved.  I can’t believe it.  I don’t need laxatives and sachets to go anymore.”

Marie, Dublin

“Earlier this year I was low in spirit, exhausted, bloated and obviously had health problems. Once in the caring hands of Anna Collins I began to relax and improve.

Last Sunday at 74 years of age I attended the Over Fiftys Show for the first time arriving at noon and leaving at 6.30pm still full of vim and vigour.”

Angela, Dublin 4

“I consulted Anna for a painful bowel disorder (ulcerative colitis). She sugested some easy-to-do changes to my diet and lifestyle. Within a month or so I was much better and within 4 months was symptom-free. My gastro-enterologist has just done some new tests and can’t believe my progress.”

Sharon, Killiney

“I contacted Anna because I wished to improve my overall general health as I was finding myself susceptible to colds and flu, poor respiration, sleeplessness and an overall lack of energy during the winter months in particular. Anna took the time and care to look at all aspects of my life and lifestyle in great detail in order to consider what could be influencing my condition and what she could do to help. Her action plan helped me to hugely improve my diet and reduce my stress levels significantly, this had a huge effect on my sleeping pattern which is now better than it has ever been, and thus the whole quality of my life has improved greatly. I am now also fitter than I have ever been! The best thing about Anna, apart from her endless knowledge of and passion for nutrition and all things associated with it, is how much time and attention she gives you. You get absolute value for your money and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Audrey, Dublin

“I went to see Anna 2 weeks ago about the psoriasis affecting my whole body.  Although we only had one consultation, the initial changes Anna recommended have already made a difference. I feel hugely better and have less pain in my body than before (I have psoriatic arthritis). My skin is less red raw. I feel very encouraged to continue with healthier eating.”

Patricia, Marino

“I started seeing Anna because I had a digestive problems my doctor couldn’t help me with.  Uncomfortable bloating, cramping and belching were part of my day. After 16 weeks of Anna guiding me through changes to my eating, all my digestive symptoms have disappeared and stayed away.”

Liliana Gaspar

“I finally found Anna after a full year in suffering and pain ended with some invasive medical tests performed in order to exclude any serious health issues. What I have learnt from Anna is how to take good care of myself through the unbelievable healing power of food. It’s so simple, yet so unknown to the general public! Anna has no magic wand. She is an extremely knowledgeable and courteous professional who introduced me to this completely new world. I have never felt so energetic, never had such a sharp mind and positive attitude to life before. I could finally throw all the drugs I’ve been on for ages in the bin. I can never thank Anna enough for that.”

Silvana, 47 yr old, Dublin

“Problem: I’d suffered with spots for the past couple of years and seen very little improvements with any of the different creams etc I’d tried to try improve the problem. However, I have seen major improvements about a month after seeing you, (dietary changes and one or two supplements) and at the minute have practically no spots, which is an incredible development. I really appreciate the help and feel a lot more confident and happy with the results, so thank you very much!”

Isabel Wynne

“I went to see Anna because my skin was breaking out and I couldn’t figure out why. Anna explained to me why this was happening and how to improve it. Anna shared her vast knowledge about how the gut processes food and showed me some easily achievable ways to change my diet that has had great results. From each of my 3 sessions with Anna I got guidelines and information documents that Anna did specifically for me. These have been immensely helpful and so were the sessions.”

Peter, Dublin 12

“Having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 10 years ago (and being told by conventional doctors that diet had no relationship to the condition!) I met Anna and it has literally changed my life. Anna’s depth of knowledge on both digestive diseases and how food interacts with this is incredible. Not only does she advise on which foods & supplements she recommends but explains why and then backs this up with detailed plans provided after the consultation so I don’t forget. I’m now much more aware of what I’m eating and how it helps my body work. I’m healthier, happier and now medication-free for the first time in over 10 years. Thank you Anna.”

Paul, Co. Louth. 

“I initially attended Anna with severe abdominal pain and bloating.  This had affected my ability to eat and also my interest in food.  Anna explained to me that stress, which had been a big factor in my life for some time, can contribute to these symptoms.  With her insight and advice I embarked on a healthy diet enhanced with supplements.  After six months I am now feeling very well and I now have the information which Anna shared with me to keep me healthy into the future.”

Anne Dublin

“I feel so much brighter and livelier.  I’m amazed at how much better I feel.  I wish I’d had this information when I was 50!”

Eva (74), Dublin 15

“Last year, I suffered from stomach pains, bloating and hormonal imbalance and I went to see Anna to seek some help. She put me on a simple dietary and lifestyle changes that were easy to fit into my life.  After 12 weeks my symptoms disappeared and today I still follow her helpful guidelines most of the time. She always worked with so much enthusiasm and expertise that I strongly recommend her to you if you need to improve your health.”

Isabelle Morvan, Killiney

“I have a lot more energy and my skin is a lot better.”

Lorna, Skerries.

“I have been a client of Anna Collins for six months, and have to say having a consultation was one of the best decisions I made! I had suffered from a bad breakout of acne and the effects were beginning to affect me more emotionally than the physical pain of my skin being so sensitive.

My first consultation was to determine where I was going wrong, and I never looked back. Anna is encouraging, and always on hand with recipe suggestions and advice on helping me with my skin and food choices.  Within a couple of weeks of taking the supplements Anna recommended and more importantly taking on board the eating habits, my skin got noticeably better. The skin is still improving, but my general mood and energy levels are much improved.

I would 100% recommend Anna Collins Nutritional Therapy to anyone having issues particularly with skin – I will never go back to eating previous to my consultations, and I think the most important thing I have learned from this is that I need to look after myself, and the best place to start is by eating healthily with minor changes to begin with!

Thanks Anna for your help, it is much appreciated.”

C. Balfe

“I went to see Anna in November 2011 to see if I could get any relief from the IBS/constipation I put up with for over 50 years.  I needed medications every day to try to relieve the constipation, and more often than not the medication became increasingly ineffective over time, which meant I was constantly changing medication.  I constantly felt distended and full with low level pain, headache and queasiness.  I didn’t sleep well either and woke 4-5 times a night.  Over the course of 4 visits in 4 months Anna designed and helped me implement gradually some diet and lifestyle changes.  She explained everything and gave the information in a way I could take home and go over easily afterwards.  There has been a consistent improvement since November.  My bowel is amazing now and I feel it’s the way I want it to be.  My sleeping has improved amazingly too.  Anna you have changed my life.”

Pauline, Dublin

“I attended Anna in October and November 2011 having suffered with ulcerative colitis/crohns disease for 7 years. It disrupted life every single day.  Since my second visit in late November I have been a hell of a lot better and it’s now mid-January 2012!”

William, Derry

“I had my first ever nutritional consultation with Anna Collins a few weeks ago.  I would consider my lifestyle to be a very healthy one as I dance for a living, hike, jog and take regular yoga classes. I am also a Pescatarian (I eat fish but no meat) but I found that my energy levels throughout the day would fluctuate and I would often have trouble sleeping….all this has changed since I met Anna, my energy has dramatically changed and my sleep patterns have improved, my skin looks flawless and eyes much whiter and brighter!”

Jane Shortall

“I’m glad I went to see Anna because I was not well at all.  I had gastritis, bloating and indigestion after meals (and food intolerances). I often had pain in my abdomen. I didn’t know what to eat and I was worried. Anna reassured me in explaining what had happened and why. She retaught me to eat well again. I took some food supplements to help along the way. After 4 weeks I was less stressed and my digestive pain was improved. After another 6 weeks I felt so much better in myself. Stronger too, and with more energy. And my digestion was better. I want to tell everyone to see a nutritionist like Anna. All that I learned and feeling better helped me to stay positive and confident for my future wellbeing. Thanks again for your great help.”

Josephine, Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect


Once you make your appointment you’ll get a health questionnaire with lifestyle diary to fill in and email back to me minimum 3 working days before your visit. Completing these gives a good idea of your stress levels, workload, digestion, potential nutrient, deficiencies, exercise habits and food preferences. This saves time during the consultation, keeping it affordable, allowing you to get the best value out of your face-time with me.


Taking into account your likes and dislikes, cooking ability, time and financial constraints we will together negotiate a realistic, “do-able” strategy aimed at supporting your body’s own natural healing ability.

Usually this is phased, with the patient judging how much is realistic for them to successfully change over a 3-4 week period. For you to get the most out of our working together it is important that you are up-front about what you feel is realistic for you to do.

At the end of the consultation, you will get written programme and possibly meal or snack ideas, easy-to-do recipes or shopping ideas. You may also get some background information sheets on imbalances that are impacting on your wellbeing.


Depending on your health questionnaire, case history and initial discussion with Anna, certain lab tests may be recommended, though none are obligatory.
Some of these tests might be easily available at hospitals via your GP. 

Examples of such hospital tests include ferritin and haemoglobin, dihydrotestosterone (especially useful for assessing causes of male pattern baldness or prostate issues), 25 hydroxy vitamin D, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, T3 and T4, anti TPO antibodies and anti TG antibodies. Only the tests I deem relevant will be recommended to you.

In many instances I do not recommend lab tests.


Some examples of laboratory tests that cannot be found in the Irish medical system include:

• Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis/Parasitology tests
• Iodine deficiency testing
• Testing for chronic Lyme disease
• Hair mineral analysis
• IgG and IgA food sensitivity testing
• Adrenal Stress Index (salivary cortisol and DHEA testing)
• Autoimmune testing. Cutting edge tests from Cyrex can predict (and stave off) autoimmune disease before it develops.
• Selected genetic testing

All tests are through licensed, accredited laboratories. Once the results come in I give you a copy and a detailed explanation from myself.

Labs used include Armin Labs, Biolab, Cyrex, Doctors Data, Genova Diagnostics and Mineral Check.