This is my absolute favourite juice of the moment.  You need a masticating juicer like the Samson from for juicing leafy greens.  If you can get organic produce (especially spinach) so much the better.  Non-organic spinach is one of top 3 most agri-chemical contaminated produce so its best avoided unless organic.

For 1 approximately 250ml serving

1/2 cucumber, including skin
3cm peeled ginger root
2 celery sticks
3 kale leaves (optional)
Large handful baby spinach or green cabbage leaves (cabbage is great for healing your gut)
Juice 1/2 lime or 1 dsp fresh lemon juice
Optional (for sweetness): 1 small apple, skin and all
Optional (for sweetness): A few drops of stevia to taste (see my “larder & shopping” section on this blog) to sweeten

Why this recipe is good for you:
Because its contains ginger, lemon/lime and lots of magnesium-rich chlorophyll (greens) this will turbo charge your liver and aid detoxification.   The natural enzymes in the raw, fresh juice aid digestion and help reduce inflammation in your digestive system, joints and more.   Green vegetable based juices are much more beneficial than fruit juices because they are lower in sugars.  Massive amounts of sugars (even from natural sources like fruit) slow liver function and aren’t conducive to 100% health.  Refined sugars are more problematic still.  Did you know that your thymus glads production of T-cells to fight infection is significantly lowered every time you eat sugar.  A peer-reviewed study showed this.   No wonder so many people get sick after Christmas, Easter and other sugury feasts that go on for days!