I have to say this is the most delicious mayo recipe I have ever tasted.  I so enjoyed it with steamed asparagus and a couple of boiled eggs for lunch today.  Personally I like using a half and half mix of extra virgin sunflower/sesame and olive oils.  Extra virgin sesame oil has a neutral flavour similar to sunflower, in my opinion.  Nothing like the usual sesame oil, which is super heat-treated.  Dijon mustard, salt and herbs preserve the mayo longer.  When its gone over, you’ll know because it will have separated or gone runny.  One yolk will bind up to 1 litre of oil so for a bigger batch you only need to increase the other ingredients.

1 medium/large organic egg yolk, at room temperature
1 tbs Dijon mustard, at room temperature
230ml extra virgin (cold-pressed) oil: olive, rape, sunflower or avocado
1 dsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
Himalayan salt
Optional: 2 tablespoons herbs to add at the very end: e.g. fresh chopped tarragon,parsley, coriander or chives.

  1. Bring the egg and mustard to room temperature in advance (chilled eggs/Dijon will leave you with a runny, disappointing sauce!).
  2. Mix the egg and mustard with a stick blender or whisk and while whisking add the oil slowly in a thin stream (this is essential). The mayo should start to thicken.  Many food processors now have a cap on top that has a small hole for this purpose.
  3. Continue whisking and adding until the oil is used up and the mayo is set.
  4. Add vinegar/lemon juice. Mix some more and season with salt and pepper and whatever herbs you are using.
  5. Let the mayonnaise rest in the fridge before serving – this allows the flavour to develop and the mayonnaise to thicken further.

Why this is better for you:
As you’ll know if you’ve been a client of mine, omega 6 oils in the form most people eat them, are toxic.  Omega 6 oils like sunflower, rape, safflower, sesame, canola, soya and “vegetable oil” are heat treated to give them a long shelf life.  This makes their chemical structure change to one that interferes with metabolic functions as they are incorporated into our cell membranes in EVERY tissue of our body.  They are used as cooking oils, and to make bread, cakes, biscuits and confectionary and of course in ready meals, to give them a nice mouth feel.

So if you’d like to avoid or reduce chronic health conditions, swapping out your heat-treated nut and seed oils for healthier options is a winner.  For food prep use either extra virgin olive oil or (never cooked) extra virgin nut/seed oils like sesame, sunflower, rape, walnut and hazelnut.  Commercial mayonnaise is ALWAYS MADE WITH REFINED OILS (if you find one that’s not, do let me know so I can tell everyone!).  Bottom line, we are all deficient in these life-giving untreated, never heated, omega 6 oils.  DID YOU KNOW that mustard can be a powerful tool against eczema (dermatitis)?  A study a few years ago showed that eating mustard daily prevented eczema in mice.  Who knew??