I knew I would be in a hurry the other morning with an early clinic so I threw together the ingredients for this deliciously thick smoothie the night before and blitzed them in the morning.  If you like your smoothie thinner, add more liquid.  If you prefer it thicker add less liquid and eat from the glass with a spoon like I do – yum!

For 1 hungry adult:
Remember to consult my “larder & shopping” section for unusual ingredients

2 rounded dsp high quality unsweetened protein powder of your choice – e.g. sprouted rice protein, hemp protein, Sun Warrior protein powder (or for a dairy option try Solgar Whey-to-Go Vanilla)
200ml unsweetened additive-free milk of your choice: almond, hemp, coconut milk, milk or (if you can eat gluten) oatmilk
1  ripe organic pear, washed
1 heaped tsp cocoa powder, organic if possible
1 heaped tbs flax or chia seeds, ideally soaked in water overnight
Optional: A pinch of pure stevia powder or a few drops of stevia drops to sweeten

Optional healthy delicious extras:
1/3-1/2 ripe avocado (extra filling and creamy)
1 heaped tsp soya lecithin granules
1 level tsp spirulina or chlorella powder

1. Cut the flesh off the pear (no need to peel) and throw in the liquidiser.
2. Add all the other ingredients.  Blitz for a minute until smoothish.  Enjoy.

Pear and ginger smoothie: drop the chocolate and substitute 1 dsp grated fresh ginger root (peeled before grating).

Why this smoothie is better for you:
It’s almost always best to chew your food rather than grinding it up and drinking it.  This is because food you have to chew stays in your stomach longer and makes you feel fuller longer too.  Chewing your food mixes it with your saliva, starting the digestive process (with the enzyme salivary amylase) in the mouth so “chewing” this smoothie rather than gulping it down helps digestion enormously.  Soaking nuts and seeds overnight starts the process of sprouting them, making their nutrients more digestible.  Chia and flax, when ground, are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and minerals.  Protein is an essential component of a good breakfast, helping regulate blood sugar to keep energy levels and mood even through the morning.  Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, great for moisturising skin and body fromwithin.  Yoghurt and keffir provide friendly bacteria important for a healthy digestion, clear skin and stable mood.  Fermenting makes the soya or dairy milk easily digested.  Lecithin granules help emulsify (digest) fats and are a great source of phospatidyl choline.  Phos choline is only found in egg yolks, lecithin and organ meats.  Chlorella and spirulina are seaweeds so are rich in iodine.   Iodine is needed for the body to effectively eliminate oestrogen (oestradiol), which in excess causes breast and other hormone-driven cancers.  Fluoride, chlorine and wheat flour products suppress iodine utilisation in the body.