I love this with Christmas pud or mince pies.  This is a brilliant substitute for dairy cream and is naturally sweet.  You want a mini food processor or a spice/coffee grinder to make this easily.  I think these 2 gadgets are the best pieces of kit you can get for your kitchen if you want to eat lots of easy-to-prepare interesting and healthy food.  Alternatively a mortar and pestle and a lot of effort would work.  This “cream”  keeps for at least 3 days in the fridge, covered.   If it dries out a bit, just add a little water and mix well to smooth it out.

3 servings

½ cup unsalted unroasted cashew nuts
1 cup filtered water
A few drops of vanilla extract

Grinder or pestle-and-mortar method (for an even smoother consistency):

  1. Do not soak the cashews but grind finely, then beat in the water and vanilla essence with a whisk.
  2. If you want it thinner add more water, thicker add more ground nuts.

Mini food processor method:

  1. Soak cashew nuts overnight in the cup of filtered water
  2. Blitz all ingredients in a miniature food processor until it reaches a creamy consistency.  Add more water to thin if you like.

Tip: You can make a similar “cream” using soaked and peeled almonds.

Why this is good for you:
Cashew nuts contain some protein and beneficial fats which help balance blood sugar, reducing the tendency to binge eat..  This is particularly great if you are serving with mince pies, plum pud or other high carb foods.  Cashews are also rich in magnesium, which helps keep mood chilled, spirits high, blood pressure normal and much much more.  People need lots of magnesium-rich foods at Christmas, when alcohol, white flour and sugar deplete this nutrient.