I created this as a keep-you-fuller-for-longer version of classic leek soup.    I swapped the potatoes for white beans because potatoes are mostly just sugars whereas beans are full of nutrients and protein.  This is a fantastic winter warmer and a meal in itself.  If you feel like it, eat it with some wholemeal bread such as gluten-free or (if you can eat gluten) 100% rye sourdough or other wholemeal 100% sourdough bread..  Enjoy.

For 3:
600g leeks, including all the green part
800ml chicken stock (or use 1 Kallo chicken stock cube and water)
1 large clove garlic, peeled and sliced
About 425g of cooked, drained no-added sugar white beans
(eg. white haricots, canellini or butter beans) – use a tin if you can’t soak and cook your own beans.
Black pepper
1 tbs extra virgin olive oil and extra for drizzling
2 tbs fresh or frozen chopped parsley if you have it

1. Wash and slice the leeks and place in a large saucepan with the garlic and 1 dtbs olive oil and 1 tbs of clean water or stock.
2. Sweat, covered, until leeks are wilted and soft.
3. Add the stock, beans and simmer for a few minutes to warm through.
4. You can eat this soup 3 ways:  a) As it is, lots of things floating in broth b) blend half of it with the parsley and mix back in with unblended soup  c) blend the whole thing for a totally smooth end product.
5. If you have blended the soup, add water if too thick, reaheat and serve with lots of freshly ground black pepper and a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Adding a squeeze of lemon juice when serving helps digestion by raising stomach acidity (often low in those over 50 or who suffer from bloating after eating).
Add a heaped teaspoon of dried tarragon when the soup is cooked. It has a lovely buttery flavour and as a herb helps reduce unhelpful bacteria in your gut.

Why this is good for you:
Leeks, garlic beans are both a rich source of soluble fibre which encourages friendly bacteria (“probiotics”) to flourish in your gut.  Probiotics help balance both male and female hormones, keep skin clear and healthy and promote a healthy, resilient digestive system.  They are also critical for a strong immune system that sees off infection AND doesn’t overreact (as seen in autoimmune and inflammatory conditions like hypothyroidism, arthritis, eczema and asthma).

Soluble fibre also binds (sticks to) toxins such mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic in your gut.  If you have mercury fillings, eat tuna, non-organic rice or smoke, you can accumulate mercury, arsenic and cadmium in your body.  All toxins need to be quickly eliminated from the body in the stools.  Soluble fibre absorbs water, helping to bulk up stools in your colon, thus reducing the risk of constipation.  Constipation allows reabsorption of toxins from your bowel which can lead to a variety of health effects such as poor skin, anxiety, headaches, hair loss, hormonal imbalance and weight gain.  The protein in the beans and the extra virgin olive oil both help you feel fuller for longer after eating this hearty soup.