I love this and invented it one weekend a few years ago when I saw beautiful ricotta on sale.  Now I see it seems to be “a thing” on the internet.  Quantities are to serve 2, as usual.  If you use frozen berries and you forget to thaw them overnight first, just put into a pan and warm with about 1 dessertspoon of xylitol or around 5 drops of steviaor some erythritol/xylitol and warm gently, covered, until thawed.  Allow to cool a bit before using.


2 mugs (about 200g) (THAWED OVERNIGHT) frozen or fresh organic raspberries or strawberries (personally I love frozen cos when you thaw them you get lots of juice)
4 small slices 100% wholemeal gluten-free bread (if you eat gluten, 100% wholemeal spelt, wheat or rye sourdough is great with this)
100-150g tub super-fresh ricotta cheese (NOT salted ricotta)
1/4 tsp vanilla powde or vanilla extract (make sure its extract not essence if you want to be gluten-free)

Stevia drops, erytirotol/stevia or xylitol to sweeten

1. Mix the vanilla powder/extract into the ricotta and add stevia/xylitol/erythritol to taste.
2. Toss your berries (with any juice that came out) with stevia/erythritol/xylitol to sweeten to your liking.
3. Toast your bread, divide the ricotta between the 4 slices, piling on top, and spoon over the berries and their juice (if any).
4. Enjoy for a leisurely breakfast.

Why this is better for you
Ricotta is rich in protein which keeps you fuller longer than if you just ate toast with fruit or jam for breakfast.  The protein stops your blood sugar from soaring too high too quickly, which would cause inflammation and accelerated ageing.  Protein slows digestion so this is a slow-burn energy breakfast.  Slow burn meals are really important if you want to be well long-term and be the best body shape for you.  Strawberries (and raspberries) are really rich in vitamin C and polyphenols which help keep every part of our body young-looking, springy and strong – from your skin to your arteries and intestines.  Do go for organic if at all possible.  Xylitol, stevia and erythritol have NO effect on blood sugar – this is good news for all of us, not just people with diabetes.