Vitamin D is a critical vitamin.  It’s made in your skin by the action of sunlight on cholesterol.

You are at risk of suboptimal levels if you

Take cholesterol-lowering medications, steroids, laxatives, or certain other meds
Are overweight
Wear sunblock
Don’t regularly get 15 minutes of bright sunlight on your bare skin
Have an impaired vitamin D receptor gene (yes you can do genetic tests for this)

Symptoms can include bone or joint pain, muscle cramps, mood changes, tiredness, being prone to colds/infections, low bone density, psoriasis, digestive troubles, and many cancers.

Your GP can do this simple test for you but make sure you get the result.  The “reference range” (what is considered to be normal) is based on what was advised 25 years ago.  When I was training in nutritional therapy in the early 90’s we were taught that a minuscule amount of vitamin D was enough.  Newer research shows this is far from the truth.

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