I LOVE these.  Heard a recipe on the radio using cheese but I swapped it out for full fat thick natural yogurt or strained kefir (you strain the kefir through a muslin in a sieve to thicken it) an it’s DELICIOUS.  I quite like my pancake Tuesday pancakes with lemon juice and some honey or Dr Coys Erylite or Xylitol to sweeten.  But you could use stewed apple, apple puree and a big dollop of cream or non-dairy coconut yoghurt on top if you feel the urge.  If you are a bit dairy sensitive like me, home-made kefir could be the one form of dairy that you can tolerate really really well.  That’s because the process completely breaks down the lactose, as well as the casein protein, which is what  most people have a problem with.  YUM!!  Would you like me to do a post on how to make kefir?  If so, give me some feedback.


Makes 4 large pancakes (you can use normal oats/oat flour if you are not gluten-sensitive)

50g gluten-free oats, blitzed in the food processor to make a flour (or use Merry Mill gluten-free oat flour from good health stores like the Hopsack in Dublin 6)
4 eggs, organic if possible
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp Ceylon cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp vanilla powder or extract (avoid “essence” – it contains gluten)
10 drops pure stevia (optional) – I like “sweet drops of stevia” form health stores
150ml (10 tbs) natural full-fat yogurt, Greek yogurt or thickened kefir (strain home-made kefir through a sieve lined with muslin/kitchen paper and use the thick stuff that remains)
Optional: 1/2 tsp gluten-free baking powder (makes a fluffier, higher pancake, more like a drop scone)

  1. Bitz all the ingredients together in a blender (or using a large bowl add the dry ingredients and mix well.   Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients, add the eggs, mix with a wooden spoon, add the wet ingredients and beat until everything is smooth.
  2. Cook on the pan using extra virgin coconut oil, avocado oil or (a bit less healthy) light olive oil.
  3. Enjoy…


Why this is better for you:
Ceylon cinnamon helps balance your blood sugar and prevent diabetes!! Stevia is a more natural sweetener than most others and contains no calories.  Like erythritol and xylitol from health stores, stevia does not raise your blood sugar levels – so this is a friendly recipe for anyone who cares about their health or has blood sugar issues like diabetes.

Oats are a great source of soluble fibre, which feeds some of your good gut bacteria to help all aspect of your health, mental and physical.  So  much better than wheat because lower in gluten.  Published video evidence now proves that gluten damages your small intestine for at least 3 hours.  This study was done on non-gluten-sensitive people. Yes, that includes all your normal people out there.  Damaging your gut allows undigested food, bacterial cell walls and toxins to spill into your bloodstream. This eventually compromises your health by inflaming either your brain or other parts of you. 

Eggs are a high quality source of protein and (if they are organic) omega 3 fatty acids and phospholipids which our brains and cell membranes need for every function of our body.  Please don’t be afraid of eggs (unless you are sensitive or allergic).  Eggs do not give you heart disease.  The 1950’s study showing eggs cause heart disease was carried out on rabbits.  Rabbits are vegan!  Unlike us, they can’t cope with animal protein.  The real culprit with heart disease is a high grain carbohydrate diets, inflammation and lack of beneficial fats, quality protein and vegetables, herbs and spices.