Wholegrain millet is an earthy tasting fluffy grain when cooked.  It’s really cheap and is great for mopping up sauces/juices.  Its a far healthier choice than couscous but looks really similar when cooked.  Make sure to buy millet wholegrains instead of the flakes (which will become porridge!).  Millet is naturally gluten-free and high in nutrients whereas couscous is made from white flour, low in nutrients.

Enough to feed 3 people as an accompaniment (NOT suitable for SC diet)

150g (about 3/4 mug) millet wholegrains
380ml (about 1½ mugs) boiling water

  1. Put your millet into a small saucepan.  Add the boiling water and cook, covered, for 8-10 mins.  No need to stir.
  2. The grains are done when you can see little steam holes in the surface, the water will be absorbed and it looks fluffy like couscous. Make sure you don’t put the millet in cold water or cook for too long or the result won’t be nice.

After cooking, drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on top of the millet, and sprinkle over some ground paprika.  This looks lovely in a serving bowl.   You could also sprinkle on some fresh coriander leaves.

Why this is good for you:
Millet grains are a rich source of magnesium and also of vitamin B17.  Magnesium helps clear toxins from the body and also aids relaxation, helping you stay chilled under pressure.   Its also great value.  Vitamin B17 is a powerful nutrientwith action against cancer cells.  Vitamin B17 is also found in many bitter tasting seeds such as those of apples, pears as well as bitter apricot kernals.  Millet is an alkaline grain, which helps support bone density, joint health and vitality generally.  An alkaline food is one that after the body has “burned” it for energy, leaves an alkaline residue.  Fruits, vegetables, beans, pulses, millet, buckwheat and apple cider vinegar are alkaline whereas cheese, milk, wheat, meat, fish, and eggs are acidic.  Acidic foods, when not balanced by alkaline ones, can cause skin, digestive, bone, joint, kidney and heart problems.  Eating about 80% of your diet as alkaline foods is associated with a longer healthy lifespan.