The good weather got me thinking of this really simple, delicious dish.  A Greek classmate once showed me how to make it.  She simply charred the peppers in a few minutes over an open gas flame but you can use a grill.  This dish works well as a starter with some fresh bread, or as a side dish alongside some meat, grilled/baked white fish or a vegetable frittata.  It’s also great for a summer buffet.  Using goat or sheep feta gives a lovely crumbly texture and tangy taste and is easier to digest than imitation feta made from cow’s milk.

If you don’t have oregano, you could also use fresh mint or flat leaf parsley.

For 2 people:

2 large green peppers, whole, washed
1 dsp dried oregano or tbsp chopped fresh oregano leaves
1-2 tbs good quality extra virgin olive oil
20g goat/sheep feta cheese

1. Put the green peppers on a baking sheet under a hot and cook (turning frequently) until most of the skin is charred and the peppers are soft and slightly collapsed.
2. Remove from the heat, leave on the baking sheet, and cover with a large bowl or saucepan for 15 minutes or so.  This softens the skins and makes them easier to peel.
3. On a plate (to catch the delicious juices) peel and discard the skins of the peppers.  Slice into around 4 lengthways.  Remove and discard the stalks and anything that’s not green.
4. Lay the peppers with their juices on a fresh plate.
5. Sprinkle over some freshly ground some black pepper and the oregano.  Crumble the feta into little pieces and scatter over.  Finally, drizzle over the olive oil.

Why this is good for you
Oregano, especially eaten fresh,  is a powerhouse of volatile antioxidant rich oils.  These oils help keep your skin young and firm, soothe your digestive system, and even help eliminate infections and protect you against life-threatening diseases.   Oregano helps combat the yeast overgrowth that contributes to cystitis and sinusitis.  Oregano is really easy to grow in Ireland in a pot (in a flowerbed it takes over!).  If you use it often, it keeps sprouting new, tender leaves all through the summer.  Green peppers, like all green veg, are rich in magnesium needed for stress management, great skin and being “regular”.  Feta made from goat/sheep milk is lower in allergenic proteins than cows milk.  For that reason, some people who cant take cows milk products find they can tolerate moderate amounts of goat/sheep milk products.  Goat’s milk is closest in chemical composition to human milk.