Plants contain biological toxins called polyphenols or bioflavonoids.  Polyphenols are natural substances in fruit, vegetable herbs, and spices.  Polyphenols help the plant deter infections (bacteria, viruses, moulds) and deter predators (insects, animals, and us!).  Many plants with high polyphenol content have strong flavours that insects don’t like.

Examples of polyphenols include quercetin in apple skins and red onions, curcumin in turmeric, gingerol in ginger, and carotenoids in red/orange fruit and vegetables.

When you eat polyphenols they stimulate your body to strengthen its own defences and upregulate healing activities.  A polyphenol-rich eating style helps calm and heal your whole gut.  This is critically important if you want to get to grips with any digestive, skin, or immune issues including food sensitivities. Amazingly, many spices people with gut issues are afraid to eat are supremely anti-inflammatory and healing!

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