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FREE eBook! Recipes for Immune System

Our immune system is the best defence against Covid 19.

These 5 recipes will help turbo-charge AND rebalance your immune system.

  • Give your immune system a helping hand with these immune-strengthening recipes that are packed with vitamins, minerals and prebiotic fibre to help you stay healthy.
  • Your immune system defends your body against infection.
  • Your immune system can keep a record of every germ (microbe) it has ever defeated so it can recognise and destroy the microbe quickly if it enters the body again. This is called antibody-mediated immunity. It is what vaccines target. It naturally develops only beyond age 6.
  • You also have an “innate” immune system you are born with. Scientists now believe innate immunity is the most important against Covid 19. Small children rarely become ill from covid 19. They have strong innate immunity but weak antibody-mediated immunity.

Anna Collins Nutrition


Nutrition Specialist

When you work with me, you are cared for.  We work together on your personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help your digestion, skin or hair (or get your autoimmune condition into remission). 

As a child and then again in my 30’s I was ill and saw at first hand how food and lifestyle tweaks can change lives. 

Sharing your journey to better health and happiness is my passion.



Phone: 087-981-6666 or 01-4937409

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Achieve your goals through tailored nutrition & lifestyle

I give you the knowledge to help you on your health journey.  Knowledge is power but structure and support are just as important.  You get all three. 


“From my experience as a patient consulting Anna I found her to be very very knowledgeable and professional, understanding, helpful, efficient and practical.  Altogether a wonderful nutritional therapist.”

Aideen, Dublin 18.

“Anna is your ultimate health ally!  She’s with you through thick and thin, all the way to your recovery. Anna is so passionate about what she does, it’s contagious. I had a thyroid issue and was fatigued which thankfully is history now. I am so appreciative of Anna’s skills – she is wonderful, a life saver!”

Maurita M, illustrator.

“Your health is your wealth & knowledge is definitely priceless!  What we have learned over the past 6 months will stay with us for years to come. And it is already being handed down to the next generation with my children.  What we have changed with ourselves we have followed through the whole house and there is a definite improvement all round.  Moods are better.  Skin is clearer.  Energy is heightened.  How food is produced & how it affects us, both mentally and physically – it’s an amazing road of discovery!  All we can say is a huge thank you and I know the changes we have made will be of major benefit.”

D & S Hanbury.

“I went to see Anna because my skin was breaking out and I couldn’t figure out why. Anna explained to me why this was happening and how to improve it. Anna shared her vast knowledge about how the gut processes food and showed me some easily achievable ways to change my diet that has had great results. From each of my 3 sessions with Anna I got guidelines and information documents that Anna did specifically for me. These have been immensely helpful and so were the sessions.”

Peter, Dublin 12

“Having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 10 years ago (and being told by conventional doctors that diet had no relationship to the condition!) I met Anna and it has literally changed my life. Anna’s depth of knowledge on both digestive diseases and how food interacts with this is incredible. Not only does she advise on which foods & supplements she recommends but explains why and then backs this up with detailed plans provided after the consultation so I don’t forget. I’m now much more aware of what I’m eating and how it helps my body work. I’m healthier, happier and now medication-free for the first time in over 10 years. Thank you Anna.”

Paul, Co. Louth. 


Delicious & Healthy Recipes for a Healthier Life

Salmon curry with mustard seeds

Salmon curry with mustard seeds

This salmon cooked in sauce is DELICIOUS.  If you want make the cook-in sauce in advance to save faff if you’re having people around.  The original recipe by Madhur Jaffrey involves marinating the salmon but I skip that and it still turns out fab.  I love this served...

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