Anna Collins Nutrition


I share with you:

  • My nearly 20 years learning and experience helping people transform their health;
  • How I help people with IBD harness their innate healing potential;
  • Essentials EVERY patient with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis needs;
  • Will turn what you’ve been told about IBD on its head.

What does this course give you?

  • 6 MODULES: 6 essentials EVERYONE with IBD needs to move towards remission;
  • 1 session resealed to you each week (or take it slower if you prefer);
  • Evidence-based but easy to understand;
  • Intensive reboot;
  • Practical, simple, do-able changes .

You will learn

  • MODULE 1:
    – The ultra-common causes of IBD that you CAN overcome
    – Get Ready Guide – simple things to start changing now
  • Get ready tracker sheet and taster recipes to get you started
  • Bonus info: refined foods + nutrient robbers
  • MODULE 2: How and why incomplete digesting properly contributes to IBD
    – What to do NOW to take major stress off your gut
    – Recipe pack and resources to inspire you
    Bonus info: What to do in a flare…
    – The BEST LAB TESTS to find out what’s really going on inside
  • MODULE 3: Stress and mindset – how to get lasting change
    Activating your nervous system switch for lifelong repair, regeneration and healing
  • MODULE 4: Glycaemic control to reduce inflammation and metabolic stress
  • MODULE 5: Fats that heal and fats that kill gut health + simple swaps to get the balance right
  • MODULE 6: Dysbiosis and prebiotics

You will get

  • Fact sheet for each session plus easy hacks on how to implement
  • Delicious crowd-pleaser recipes


  • Super-short videos to help you consolidate the learning
  • Surprise fact and hack sheets